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I Am Peltier

A message from Leonard Peltier


I am honored that you would come to this website.  I truly, deeply appreciate your interest.  I want to say that our mission and objective is to ultimately promote a safer, better, and healthier world for ourselves and future generations.

My case, as a political prisoner, is well known and talked about all over the world but I am a common man who comes from a beautiful people who have struggled for generations to keep our culture, traditions, and freedoms alive; in harmony with all of Creation.

The thing that makes my case significant is that it is an example of what has happened and what happens to all our people who have stood up, in some way, that blocked the invasion of our lands, oppression of our people and the exploitation of our resources.

With you coming to this website, we will do our best to prove to you the truth of our words and facilitate your quest for the same freedoms we all seek. Together, we are better, stronger, and more equipped to make this a safer world where all diversity and nature can coexist.

In the Spirit of Crazy Horse and all those that stood before us and gave us the reason to be proud of where we came from,

In the spirit of Crazy Horse


Leonard Peltier